Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Little While of Dreams

Well I could say it seem I have fallen into a dreamland, and it is time for me to wake up.Wake up from yesterday and become a better man tomorrow. Focus on achieving my goal and put aside my wonderland. Here I would like to wish you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you happy always.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

8th December 2012 - 

Our first picture...

Promise Mean to Be Deliver?

8th December 2012 -

Oh my ~ You come all the way from to find me... Is impressed me that you drive all the way to my house.

Yes, I deliver my promise as well -

Progression perhaps, I would say you are not substitution but you are REAL to me and I getting more addicted to you.

Your are becoming my drugs -

Friday, December 7, 2012

Your hug are like drugs

It has been quite sometimes I have not make card. This card is specially dedicate for you. What is that mean? It mean I have fall in love on you...Perhaps?

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Until now I still have not figure how what is the meaning above... Why humanity always make 爱 make so complicated?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Heart of Confession - Mouse

Mouse - Day after -

It seem that you feel nothing much about what has happened, but I am not sure why I have different feeling towards what have happened. A feeling of missing puzzle in my heart, a feeling of lost which similar to what I experience before. Perhaps is this a real feeling towards you? How about you? You seem pretend nothing but I can feel you have the same feeling towards me. It has been two days we tends to pretend nothing. Hmmm... Shall you know my true feeling towards you? Is this seem to be right?


Saturday, November 24, 2012


23rd Nov 2012 - 
-24th Nov 2012

Something caused this blog to be create to note down the memories between you and me. Perhaps you may not know about this but as for today whole day my heart is just have an awkward feeling. The feeling seem to be very close but yet so far. Things happened seem to be right nor wrong in certain perspective but I hope that everything is TRUE because we do have the same sense. 

At the moment in shopping mall, I believe you will have the same sense of me which hands passing across each other. If the feeling is true, it has broad us to another level of sense that caused the result of metaphor.

This moment has gives both of us another challenging moment of life to go through because I were free and you are not. Things seem to be incorrect from your side but I have initiated the whole situation to begun. If I could turn back time, I will still proceed with the same scenario because I know what I am doing were TRUE from our deep heart feeling.

Yes it is true that today my whole day has been drowning by the scenario happened last night, perhaps it was cute but is real. If you are free, maybe we have been officially but yet life still does not come with perfection. I believe if faith standing on our side, we will be able to go through this hard time.

I should say it was a remarkable moment for both of US...

Weird River - Part 2

Second visit to weird river which intentionally visit just to meet up with you but did not expect you will have gathering with your friends. Been to somewhere else before straight ahead to your place which is also a long worth journey. If the feeling is true distance will not an barrier for us to success. Because I dare to believe which makes me one steps ahead closer to you. 

At this time, we have our first motor ride a your village area which you telling me all your childhood stories from one place to another place. Even the ride is not a long ride but the moment with you is truly touched. If you ask me do I have the feeling on you? I would say YES. 

Something sweet to be remembered... 

The Weird River

- 14th October 2012

My first visit to weird river due to business activities trip. Indeed if you ask me the distance from that place to your place near or not? Is not really but at that moment I believe is worth to come and meet you. Therefore after finish my work activities, I directly come and visit you even that is my first time to come all the way to visit you. Without any awkward moment I believe we have build a bonding of relationship between us.

2.30am we went to McD, this is our first time to have something together and also I believe the day I get your phone contact as well. After McD, we went to sea side but it seem too dark and not a suitable place to hang out. So we decide to call it a day.

This is our first meet outside working place...

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Door

9th October 2012 -

A significant day where faith has decided us to meet up. 

Nothing much I can explain where a picture means a thousand words, you are inside and I am outside. This day has bring us up from anonymous to a closer relationship. Yes, I am glad that I am outside to offer my help. 

Next, I did not expect that you will messenger office communicator me after the situation happened. It was a surprise and the name appear in my screen which I seem to have searched previously. It is YOU, has bring us closer.

From that day onward I shall say we have begin...